Friday, July 27, 2012

Henry Winkler

Last year Henry Winkler was signing autographs at the Milwaukee World of Wheels car show. I did this portrait of him and he graciously signed it ( he was a really nice guy ). We then auctioned it off at the show with the procceeds going to the cancer ward at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Artist tip of the week 5

    To all of my artist friends that use and love their "Copic" markers, I want to give a review of the chinese knock-offs called "Touch" in the all black exterior. The "Touch" markers are the same shape and size, and cost about 20% (give or take) less than the name brand "Copic".
    I've noticed that with the "Touch" the black doesn't cover as well, and it seems like the nibs are a bit harder than "Copic". I have not tried the "Touch" brush tips.
    My conclusion is: I'm willing to spend the extra amount on a quality product that I can consistantly count on. I'm staying with "Copic"
    Okay, here's the tip part: If price is a huge obsticle, "Hobby Lobby" carries "Copic" and they have a weekly downloadable 40% off of one item coupon. You can use the coupon as many times a week as you want, you just have to print a bunch and go in and out of the store. It's one use per transaction., but that's a good way to get them fairly reasonably.   
    As always, if you have a tip you'd like to share, e-mail me at , I'll post it and give you credit. Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Artist tip of the week 4

This will be short and sweet, unlike the reason I'm posting this tip. I will say up front that I have slipped a few times.
If you want to make money doing artwork, keep your political opinions to yourselves, especially on social networking sites!
No matter what side of the arguments (isle) you're coming from, I guarantee you WILL alienate or even anger HALF of your potential clients! I'm not saying hide, beat around the bush or flat out lie about your opinions or beliefs. My tip is, unless asked directly, keep your pie hole shut!

Tramp Warner/ Del Swanson tag team cartoon

Tramp Warner and I had a blast scribbling this out at the World of Wheels show. It's marker on gesso'd 1/4" masonite.

Portrait of Steve McQueen

I did this portrait with markers and colored pencils and put it in this years Pinstripe Legends charity auction.

2012 Pinstripe legends signs

These two metal embossed signs were done for this years Pinstripe Legends charity auction in Milwaukee. Had fun, helped some kids, Whoo Hoo!