Thursday, August 5, 2010

Artist tip of the week 2

"Artist tip of the week" has a better ring to it than " This is the only tip you're getting for months", so I think I'll keep the the title and I will really try to post a tip every week. I don't want this to be just me, so if anyone has any useful info or insight, e-mail me or post here. Thank you in advance.
This "week" the tip is this, In my opinion it's extremely important to look at and study other artists that don't necessarily work in your field or interest. Check out the artists in my "links" (which I really need to add to) and I think you'll see a big variety of styles and genres. I've learned from each one of these artists, whether it's line quality, how they work with color, or how they lay out a page or painting. I don't want anyone to copy anothers artwork, but if you look at the way other people handle artistic problems and blend some of that insight into your artwork, I guarantee you'll be richer for it.


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